Green Coast - Dunes complex in Piscinas

Piscinas dunes are the biggest in Europe. They are about 2km large and 100m high, constantly shaped by the west wind which blows almost all the year. The endemic plants are perfectly adapted to the sandy environment of the dunes. Here live centuryold junipers, lentisks, gorses and euphorbias together with tamarisks and rushes along the rivers. In this exclusive ecosystemlive several wild animals such as partidges, rabbits, cats, foxes, kestrels and buzzards while in the shoreline the turtle Caretta Caretta lays its eggs in June and July nights. It is also possible to meet, at the sunset, the Sardinian deer walking on the dunes or along the rivers. The sand in Piscinas is golden and fine. In the winter, at about 10m far from the water and thanks to the heavy sea,it is possible to find every kind of “gift” offered by the sea and the west wind. Still in winter, a river ,which comes from the surrounding mountains taking the remains of minerals from the mines in the nearby which make it red, flows in Piscinas golden beach.
Here, a long time ago, there was a little harbour where the mineral from the mines was charged to be taken to Carloforte. Not only Piscinas is visited by the numerous tourists attracted by the breathtaking view of the dunes but also by the surfists who want to live an adventure on the waves blown by the strong west wind.

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