Learning Farm in Arbus, Medio Campidano

Educational farm in Arbus, Province of Medio Campidano

It is an Educational farm since 2011 and it gives adults and children the possibility to be in contact with nature. Our farm holidays is the perfect place for an outing with children and for the adults who want to discover how we make traditional food, how animals are grown and how people work in the Sardinian land.

In our educational farm in the Province of Medio Campidano it is possible to take part in the farm works such as the hand milking, the making of cheese and ricotta, pasta and typical Sardinian

Our farm holidays is part of the project “Satu po imparai”, an alimentary, environmental and rural
based education project realized by the Councillorship of Education of the Province of Medio Campidano and by the Laore Agency of Sardinia which involves the schools and the educational farms of the territory.

The project, reached at the 3rd edition, wants to recover, to enhance and to hand on to new generations the huge richness of tastes and knowledges about our land characterized by many rural activities such as the Medio Campidano area promoting a careful use of typical agricultural and food products of the Medio Campidano basket.

In Sardinia, the educational farms let the children live a day in the country within the fruits and vegetables in season, animals and fresh air. Guided by the expert farmers, in the educational farms people can know the rural traditions and the identity of the land through planned educational tours in the fields, games, environmental and food education.

The farm holidays L’Aquila joins the Seal of Approval To guarantee the farm holiday beneficiaries a high quality level, the Council of Sardinia has created a system of credit of educational farms where all the farms, which have all the characteristics contained in the Certificate of Quality, can be included.

The Seal of Approval explains what an “Educational Farm” is and what requirements the rural farms and the traders should have for taking part to the regional net. In particular, this paper gives precise indications on:

– manner of management;
– characteristic of production;
– professional skills;
– characteristics of the building;
– didactic offers;
– safety and hygiene;
– organization and location.

The Seal of Approval explains how the communication should be, the use of the trademark, the rates and what the owners must do to let to verify if the farm has all the requirements which the Council of the Region asks.

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