Green Coast - Gutturu'e Flumini, the door toward Arbus' coast

Another important place in Costa Verde is Gutturu de Flumini. The small village is located on a slope which offers a charming view of the sea. The Mediterranean lush scrub extends towards the beach. On the right, the big calcareous cliff “Calata Bianca” ends on the beach, characterized by the dark yellow sand because of the presence of iron in it. Gutturu de Flumini is a little seaside village made up of nice houses built in the middle of vegetation and which overlooks the magnificent golden beach, crowned by white calcareous rocks in the north and black volcanic rocks in the south. The village is situated on a slope which leads to the sea, with a differnce of about 30m, almost all houses have a beautiful view of the sea, which is not so far. The coast is characterized by the presence of little beaches, coves and big rocks. The beach can be reached through the stairs from the village square. The water is clear and the sand is sometimes dark because of the iron presence.

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