Mount Linas – the roof of Arbus territory

Linas Massif originated in the Plaeozoic period among 600 – 300 milions ago is one of the most ancient surfaced lands in Europe and it is very interesting from the point of view of its geology, the flora and the fauna and its minerary history. Linas extends in the north with Arcuentu Mountain which arrives until Arbus coast and in the south towards the Oridda -Marganai bordering in the north-east with Campidano plane.
Several peaks of more than 1000m high are a very beautiful panoramic point. This massif has several big channels where rivers flow and the landscape is dominated by schist in the middle of a rich minerary area, exploited by the man since ancient times, as the ruins of numerous mining sites in the area witness . Among the rocks of pink and grey granite, the scented Mediterranean plants, such as thyme, and the suggestive holm-oak trees grow. There are also other typical Mediterranean trees such as arbutus, heather, phyllirea and big maples. At a lower altitude there are shrub of rock rose, lentisk, wild olive, heather and Spanish broom meanwhile the rocky zones are rich in euphorbia,and near the rivers willows and oleander grow. A great number of predator birds live in this area: the buzzard, the peregrine falcon, the kestrel, the sparrowwhawk and some specimen of golden eagle. Furthermore, here live the Sardinian deer, the mouflon and the geo-triton. Several paths inside this woods take towards the highest peaks and numerous falls offer people the possibility of a relaxing walk in the middle of nature.

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