Arcuentu Mountain - A windows toward the Green Coast

Arcuentu is a high rocky mountain of 785 metres high above the sea level and it is part of a chain which goes for about 8km parallel to Costa Verde. Its name comes from the word “arku” which, in Sardinian language means “arch” remembering the arch shape of the rocks. It developped in the tertiary period, between oligocene and Miocene, thanks to the volcanic activities characterized by acid and basic lava. These different kinds of lava had originated the different rocks which had given the mount its particular shape and, for that reason, Arcuent can be easily recognized. From its top it is possible to see different places: Sinis peninsula, the Giara tableland, Mount Arci, Oristano Gulf, Gennargentu and Montiferru, Grighine Mount, Sette Fratelli chain, Linas Massif and Campidano plane. On its slopes, different torrential stream rivers flow and that had originated narrows and deep canyons in the volcanic rocks. On the Arcuentu’s top there is a beautiful secular holm-oak. Arcuentu can be reached through a path which start from Montevecchio mines. Near Arcuentu there are the mines inside the Geomineral Historic and Environmental Park of Sardinia. Along Costa Verde there are the yellow sandy beaches of Pistis, Torre dei Corsari and Piscinas. In the norther part of the territory, there is the hamlet of Sant’Antonio di Santadi with its lagoon and the fishing village of Marceddì.

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