Ingurtosu Mining Village - Naracauli

Along the valley which connect the village of Ingurtosu with the sea there are several shafts among which Gal shaft which has recently been restored and turned into a museum of the miners’ life and the ravishing ruins of Brassey’s washery, built in Naracauli in 1900 about, when the owner of the mine was the English nobleman lord Brassey. The valley ends in the fascinating dunes of Piscinas where the exploited mineral was brought by a railway built in 1871 to be charged on the boats. At the end of 1800, the presence of Naracauli and Pireddu washeries make Naracauli being the production centre of the mine of Ingurtosu. Here, some other populated areas developped to host workers and their families for example the small village of Pitzinurri. On the contrary, Ingurtosu remained the place where directors and their families live together with engineers and technicians. Brassey’s Washery was inaugurated by Thomas Alnutt Brassey the 17th October 1900. In this period it was a mechanic washery in forefront. Nowadays, only ruins of this building remain.

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