Green Coast - Pistis and Torre dei Corsari Beaches

The original name is “Dune di Is arenas e s’Acua e s’ollastu”. The dunes overlook a wide and sandy- golden beach with rocks of basalt at both sides. On the coast between the gulf of Pistis and Torre dei Corsari, it is possible to visit Poet’s home (Poet House). It is a big secular juniper which has been turned into a shelder which overlook the sea and Pistis dunes. It has a particular cover: it was realized by a man from Guspini, about 30 years ago, who wanted visitors left some lines and poems at the end of their visit. All the poems left, are still inside this shelter: pieces of papers, pages of notebooks, which contains the rhyming fantasy of writers who came there. It is a paradise corner created by the patience of a man who turned this tree into a house. The roof is made up of scented Mediterranean plants and inside there the rooms, one of them is dedicated to the poems. Outside a garden of succulent plants. And then a breathtaking view of the golden dune of Pistis and the blue sea which are about ten minutes walk. All around is green and most of all silence. In the winter, the dunes are shaped by the west wind which carries the sand from beach. This beach is connected with the next tourist centre, the biggest one in Arbus coast : Torre dei Corsari.

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