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Piscinas Dune

The dunes of Piscinas, in the middle of the Costa Verde in Arbus, are among the largest in Europe. These spectacular sand dunes go inland for about 2 kilometers reaching a maximum height of 100 meters, continuously remodeled by the westerly winds that insist on the area throughout the year.

Endemic vegetation is perfectly adapted to the dune environment, there is a prevalence of centuries-old junipersmastic treesbroom and euphorbia alternating with large expanses of tamarisks and rushes near the watercourses.

In this fragile and unique ecosystem, fauna is characterized by Sardinian partridgesrabbits and wild catsfoxeskestrels and buzzards and reserve splendid wonders: here the "Caretta caretta" sea turtle nests, it climbs into the shore in the nights of June and July to lay the eggs in the sand, and, it is not unlikely to observe in the late afternoon, some deer near the sand dunes or along the stream.

The sand of Piscinas is fine and golden. During the winter, with the storms, it is possible to find up inland for several tens of meters any type of "gift" brought by the sea and the mistral. Also in the winter season, the mouth of a river coming from the surrounding mountains makes its way onto the beach which collects the waters from the various abandoned mining centers which give it a reddish colour.

In the past there was a small port for the embarkation of loads of ore leaving for Carloforte. This stretch of beach is a destination not only for the numerous tourists attracted by the spectacle of the dunes, but also for passionate surfers who venture astride the impressive waves that the mistral wind is capable of creating.


L'Aquila farmhouse, entering Costa Verde, in Arbus (SU) countryside in Sardinia.

Hidden in the wild Costa Verde, between mountain and sea, in Arbus (SU) countryside.

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