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Monte Linas

The roof of Arbus territory

Mount Linas

Linas mountain, which originated in the Paleozoic period between 600 and 300 million years ago, is one of the oldest areas in Europe, it has particular geological, faunal, floral and historical-mining interest. The Linas extends to the north with the Arcuentu which extends towards the coasts of Arbus and to the south towards the Oridda-Marganai to border to the north-east with the Campidano plain.
There are numerous peaks of great panoramic interest, with altitudes above 1000m.
The complex is rich in numerous gullies crossed by streams, while crystalline schists and pink granites dominate the entire mountainous landscape which is located in the center of a rich metal-bearing area, widely exploited by man since ancient times, as evidenced by the remains of numerous mining facilities scattered in the area. Among the peaks of pink and gray granite, the green patches of thyme and helichrysum bushes stand out and perfume the air, while the great woodland is mainly characterized by dense and suggestive holm oak woods, and by shrubs typical of the Mediterranean maquis: splendid specimens of strawberry tree, tree heath, phillyrea and large maples. At lower altitudes, the vegetation is characterized by cistus, mastic, olive, heather, broom shrubs and, in rocky areas, by euphorbia which, in the more humid areas, near watercourses and waterfalls, gives way to willows and oleanders. A large number of predatory birds inhabit these places, such as buzzards, peregrine falcons, kestrels, sparrowhawks and even some golden eagles which nest in the highest and most isolated pinnacles, as well as the Sardinian deer, the mouflon and the geotriton. A dense network of paths enters the woods towards the highest peaks and numerous waterfalls, offering the possibility of relaxing walks immersed in the woods.



Monte Linas
L'Aquila farmhouse, entering Costa Verde, in Arbus (SU) countryside in Sardinia.

Hidden in the wild Costa Verde, between mountain and sea, in Arbus (SU) countryside.

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