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Pranzo di ferragosto in Agriturismo ad Arbus

Lunch on August 15, 2023

Traditional flavours

lunch on midsummer 2023 in L'Aquila Farmhouse in Costa Verde, Arbus

On August 15, 2023, we would be glad to host you to taste our lunch in our Farmhouse in Costa Verde, Arbus.

Here what you will find:


As Appetizer you will find:

  • ham and cured meat
  • goat cheese
  • savory pie with our vegetables
  • baked eggplant datterini tomato croutons
  • offal simmered in white wine
  • goat feets in sauce
  • gratin peppers
  • sweet and sour zucchini

First courses

First courses you will taste are:

  • ravioli with goat ricotta
  • fregola with mushrooms, salami and tomatoes

Main courses

We go further into sardinian cuisine with the most traditional flavours of it and our farmhouse in Costa Verde, Arbus:

  • stewed goat
  • roast suckling pig

Side dishes, fruit, desserts and drinks

Our mid-August menu includes side dishes, fresh seasonal fruit, homemade desserts, water and wine, coffee and digestive.

Our farmhouse in Costa Verde mid-August menu costs

€ 45 per person

L'Aquila farmhouse, entering Costa Verde, in Arbus (SU) countryside in Sardinia.

Hidden in the wild Costa Verde, between mountain and sea, in Arbus (SU) countryside.

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