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The beach and the F. Sartori marine colony


The locality of Funtanazza is surrounded by a thick and luxuriant pine forest dominated by the song of the cicadas. The beach of Funtanazza is surmounted by the structure of the old marine colony, Casa al mare Francesco Sartori , built in the 1950s by the mining company to house the children of the workers of the Montevecchio and Ingurtosu mines.

Another feature of Funtanazza beach is that, observing the few rocks present in the neighboring hills, these are adorned with marine fossils.


The sand of Funtanazza beach is dark, because it is rich in iron, rather coarse, while the water, on calm days, takes on extraordinary colours, thanks also to the sandy seabed.

The limit of this beach is identified by Sa Calada Bianca , a calcareous promontory, rich in fossils in a good state of conservation, which slopes down towards the sea of the Costa Verde di Arbus.

L'Aquila farmhouse, entering Costa Verde, in Arbus (SU) countryside in Sardinia.

Hidden in the wild Costa Verde, between mountain and sea, in Arbus (SU) countryside.

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